With SitePro’s Command Center, customers can monitor and control facilities, skids, or assets remotely, in real-time. This helps companies minimize downtime, reduce labor costs, and keeps assets running at optimal efficiency. The Command Center also enables users to create reports, ensure accuracy of measurements, monitor surveillance, and invoice customers directly through existing ERP systems.


  • Integrated Mapping and Visualization

  • Real-time status and control

  • Sophisticated alerts and reports

  • Regulatory Reporting/ P-18 Generation


  • Decreased downtime

  • Reduced operating expenses

  • Accurate allocation

  • Reduced administrative burden


  • Monitor tank levels, flow rates, volumes, and pressures in real-time

  • Control pumps and valves remotely from a smartphone or computer

  • Integrate with ERP or accounting systems for seamless invoicing

  • Eliminate illegal unloads and theft with driver verification and 24/7 surveillance

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