One solution for irrigation management

Conserve and manage water supply for your irrigation systems through onsite controls and web and mobile applications.

Easily view what wells and systems are running and resolve any alerts for issues, like pump failures or pipeline leaks. In the same platform, run analytics and gain an understanding of water usage to help conserve and manage the water supply. 

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Agriculture technology for the future

Water is becoming more scarce of a resource, make managing and conserving your water supply an easy task to empower you to farm efficiently and effectively. 


SitePro’s device-agnostic advanced control platform allows you to manage farm operations from a single, powerful control system.

Mobile and remote farm access provide unparalleled visibility and control from wherever you need to be.

Flexible and precise irrigation and fertigation control within any of the widely-used watering methodologies.


Change the way you farm

SitePro is committed to the future. We're implementing the latest technologies to enhance farming operations and conserve water.

  • Irrigation & Fertigation

  • Water Source Control

  • Device Agnostic Control

Irrigation System
Add a layer of flexibility, only available on SitePro.
Integrate real-time decision-making based on a multitude of sensors into irrigation and fertigation processes. 
Irrigation – Deliver the right amount of water exactly where and when you need it with our precise sensor-augmented temporal water control. SitePro provides the most effective irrigation control in diverse agricultural conditions from water-deprived to water-rich geographies.
Fertigation – SitePro’s fertigation capabilities are highly configurable to your needs and integrated with your irrigation process control. One platform, one place to monitor and control your farm operations.   
Wherever your water comes from, SitePro has a solution to manage and make real-time decisions. 

Water Well and Aquifer Management – Our solutions help you manage, preserve, and optimize flow from your aquifer-based water resources. Monitor and make decisions based on water quality or well performance.
In larger well field applications, integrated downhole sensors and controls help you manage underlying aquifer resources. Monitor drawdown, recharge, and saturated thickness, among others, over time to give an overall picture of health.  

Water Storage Management –  Monitor and control water levels, total volumes, water quality, temperature, and many other measurements to provide you with a fully integrated solution from the source to the field. 
Device Agnostic Control

Control it all.

Because we do not sell package solutions that contain controllers and devices integrated with purpose-built software, we are device neutral. Our mantra is device agnosticism.

As such, we have created a software platform that allows you to add just about any sensor or control you need within one comprehensive solution.

It has its benefits

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One View of Operations

See all of your farming operations across multiple geographies in a single application.

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Intelligent Remote Control

Control your farming operations securely from anywhere.

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Flexible & Scalable 

Your irrigation and fertigation programs receive precise amounts of water and nutrients where and when they are needed. 

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Integrated Surveillance 

Upgrade your farm control and monitoring with enhanced camera solutions that understand automation events. 

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Compatible Sensors & Controls

Mix and match sensors and controls from different manufacturers to create the control and visibility you need. 

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Increased Labor Efficiency 

Save time and money with our intelligent alerting and manage-by-exception approach. 


Water is a valuable and scarce resource in West Texas, so conserving the supply is crucial. The aquifer McCoy Farm uses was being depleted at a rapid pace and the farmers and owner had no way to monitor or control how much water was being used to irrigate its fields. The farm is also an hour away from anyone associated with the farm, making it an inefficient and time-consuming trip for the farmer to check on the field and irrigation system.


SitePro is providing nearly complete control at the farm now. The farmer is able to control and monitor the water wells and the field actuators that send the water to the field. Through SitePro, crews can receive alerts on their phone when a pump or well is not running correctly and make the necessary adjustments remotely. Cameras have also been installed to offer real time visuals of the site.


McCoy farmers are now able to control their irrigation and fertigation and analyze how much water is being used and where it's being distributed, preserving the valuable and finite resource. The farmer and owner are able to check the irrigation system and make any changes remotely, which reduces the amount of trips to the farm and saves time and money. The reduced trips also prevent wear and tear on equipment. Rather than traveling to the farm twice a day to check on the wells and for cavitation, crews are traveling to the farm twice a week.

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