Always on-site, even when you're not

We know the safety of your team and the security of your assets are a priority. With reliable remote camera access that is fully integrated with our automation tools, you have complete visibility in real-time to ensure you are connected to your site. 


It's like you're there

With real-time visibility, its just like you're out at the site. 

Safeguard your assets

Protect your team and your business from unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.






  • On-premises camera solution with real-time access from remote desktop, mobile, or control room

  • Fully integrated with automation tools

  • Optimized for remote operations with limited data connectivity



Command Center


Ops Center


  • Designed for control rooms, Ops Center supports simultaneous viewing of multiple cameras

  • Highlights areas with recent activity

  • The popular time-lapse feature allows quick review of activity from weeks or months past


SitePro Mobile


Mobile App  


  • Access live feed or time-lapse history anytime, anywhere

  • Instantly evaluate alarm conditions with both real-time data and visual camera inspection

  • Quickly navigate to a specific date, time and camera view


Taken Into Action

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Remote Operations

  • Safety and Security


Camera footage provides evidence to resolve disputes related to accidents, property damage, and vendor performance.

Here are two scenarios camera footage helps:

  • A semi-truck collides with fixed equipment resulting in damage. The trucking company disputes the driver was at the site. Camera imagery clarifies the truck did, in fact, cause the damage.
  • Vendor bills for four hours of labor, but time-lapse shows the service involved less than one hour of on-site work. 

Integrated video surveillance is an invaluable tool for efficient, effective remote operations.


These are a few ways our customers have benefited from having remote eyes on their site:

  • The control room observes a leak during a scheduled visual inspection that had not met the alarm threshold. The remote operator takes action to prevent dangerous or costly incidents. 
  • The operator receives a pump failure to start alert in the mobile app. The camera image reveals the valve is manually closed on the inbound pipeline. 
  • With a SitePro ROC subscription, our team has eyes on your site when you are unable to.

Surveillance is essential to meet Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) objectives while mitigating risks related to unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and sabotage.

SiteWatch has been a valuable tool for both internal and criminal investigations. These are just a couple of examples:

  • The safety officer does a spot check to confirm employee/vendor are following safety guidelines. 
  • A mobile operator observed an unexpected drop in tank storage volume. A camera review revealed a disgruntled ex-employee opened a valve in an act of sabotage. 

Proven Benefits

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Reduce Mileage & Labor Costs

Manage your assets as needed from any device to improve efficiency & resolve issues promptly. 

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Protect your Team, Facility & Assets

Access camera footage instantly to monitor who is on site to ensure safety & operational standards are followed. Cameras prevent malicious activity.

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View Incident Footage

Visual inspection of alarm notifications allow you to respond quickly and resolve the situation accurately. Access footage from past incidents to ensure you have all the details for reports.

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Connect All Sites 

View your network of site surveillance in one spot and have access to multiple cameras at the same time. Respond quickly to any activity happening on-site, day and night. 

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Deter Theft

On-site cameras prevent malicious activity. Decrease threats to your team, site equipment, and assets.

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Confidence Being Remote

Leave your site knowing you are covered and utilize real-time data monitoring with visual observation for operational awareness.


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