Secure, simple & stable municipal water operations

You can't manage what you can't measure, and you can't measure what you can't see. With a modern platform for reliable freshwater and wastewater management, you have full visibility and control.

Have peace of mind your operations are meeting your community's needs with safe and secure technology. Your data and controls are protected against threats to your supply. 

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Intelligent water management

Water departments are facing expanding demand for services with diminished supply amidst ever-growing regulatory responsibilities.

Fresh Water Facility

To help you overcome increasing operating costs while meeting stricter quality standards, SitePro provides a true cloud-based turnkey platform with complete remote visibility and control of your infrastructure:

  • water wells
  • storage tanks
  • chemical injections
  • pipelines
  • pumps
  • lift stations
  • treatment facilities

Risk & Resilience Planning 

Be prepared to recover from threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences by implementing a platform that protects your assets.  


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Control & Monitoring


Variable speed pumps allow you to control the drawdown and particulate intake in real-time to reduce the risk of toxic elements entering your community’s water supply. 


You have the power to combat physical barriers while keeping control. Your operations team can access their dashboard through our mobile app or mobile browser.  


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Reg Center


Data & Analytics


Generate pre-built and custom reports for operational planning and health checks. View important KPIs and actionable data in one place to make instant control changes and adjustments with Site Intel. 


Sustainably manage water conservation using data to plan for the growth of your community.



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Surveillance & Security


As we’ve seen recently, the threat to the water supply is real. SitePro remote surveillance cameras provide for live observation as well as a time-lapse motion capture of past activity. 


SiteWatch is helpful for access control to ensure only authorized personnel are active in the area. 



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The results are in

See how SitePro helped other customers, just like you.


During the Feb. 2021 winter storm in Texas, the City of Tahoka's SCADA system was knocked out. They had no insight into their water tanks, working computers, pump control, and no data...and no support from their vendor. 


They reached out to SitePro for a reliable solution to provide them with visibility, control, and data. Users now monitor water flow and volume in real-time. Employees are now able to monitor critical pump and storage assets from their mobile devices without taking time from their other job duties.


The City of Tahoka now has a secure intelligent control solution. With remote access, the city's operational crew can safely view tank levels and control pumps. They have added additional support by using ROC for after-hour needs. 

It has its benefits

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Monitor with Confidence

Set proactive alerts that let you know something's wrong before it happens and prevent incidents.

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COVID-19 Friendly

Whether you're on the go or working from home, have complete visibility and control from anywhere via the SitePro mobile application.

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Run in Harsh Weather

Don't lose control or access to your operations and data in inclement weather. Safely change operations as needed for undisruptive service to your community. 

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Regulatory Simplicity

Accurate, reportable regulatory data in a few quick clicks. Set it once and forget it.

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Water Conservation

Sustainably manage your community's water supply to protect the environment and meet the need for future growth.

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Real-time Monitoring

User-friendly, real-time platform providing complete remote visibility & control.

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U.S. Owned & Operated

Support local with our home-built and operated software suite. The entire system is managed and operated in the USA.

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Turnkey Services

Experienced field service team provides turnkey services for most comprehensive facilities.

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Nights & Weekends

Take back your nights and weekends. Our team of highly-experienced technicians can monitor and support your operation.

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