Ticketing & Regulatory reports never felt so good

With feedback and insight from users just like you, we built a one-of-a-kind ticketing platform to meet all your needs.

Save time with streamlined ticket entry, bulk editing, custom reporting, and efficient billing. 


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Save money and help the environment

Regulatory Report

Say goodbye to pesky paper tickets and forms, and hello to digital ticketing and reporting.

SiteTicket with Ticket Center is the only comprehensive transaction management software that provides a best-in-class, user-friendly solution for everyone. Whether you choose standalone or fully automated, SiteTicket streamlines your operations with its advanced tools, analytics, and reporting functionality.

You've got options






  • Capture transactions in real-time with the most accurate data possible

  • Supports ticket entry in English and Spanish
  • Simplify ticket entry with the most up-to-date well data from state regulating agencies



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Ticket Center


  • Bulk and single editing tools make ticket reconciliation a breeze

  • View motion capture data at the time of ticket

  • Fully customizable to meet your billing needs




Regulatory Center


  • Automated, state-specific, regulatory reporting that saves time and money

  • Reporting available for ND, OH, OK, PA, TX, & WY

  • User-friendly wizard experience

The results are in


Shorten Reconciliation

With more accurate data, the first time and state-of-the-art Ticket Center reconciling time is shortened.


User-friendly Experience

Ticketing and reporting are hassle enough. User-friendly tools, designed by the users take the frustration out.


Bill Efficiently

Quickly import your tickets into popular ERP systems like QuickBooks using our customizable export.


We Do the Work

Our regulatory reporting tools gather your data and complete the forms for you in just a few simple clicks.


Environment Friendly

Go paper free with SiteTicket. Transactions are entered at the kiosk and digitally sent straight to the Ticket Center.


Leave the Work to Us

SitePro's ROC Ticket is a managed service where you leave the ticketing and reporting to us. You run the operation, we'll handle the paperwork.

Upgrade to easier ticketing 

  • Best-In-Class Customer Experience

  • Turn Metrics into Insights

  • Get it Right the First Time


No more complicated POS systems. 

Our user-friendly interface allows your customers to have a fast, efficient, and stress-free experience at your site.

The on-site kiosk supports both English and Spanish for vendor preference.

Loaded with verified data so you get accurate data the first time.


Make data-driven decisions.

We provide you with real-time accurate data that helps you know just how to scale your operations.

Ticketing data is processed in minutes allowing you to utilize analytics tools and make transaction or meter-based decisions about your facilities.

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More accurate data for more efficient Billing and Reporting

Spend less time reconciling transactions.

We have integrated to provide you the most up-to-date and accurate regulatory data information ensuring you get more accurate data for more efficient billing and reporting.

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