A digital revolution enabling the responsible management of the world's natural resources and mission-critical infrastructure, ensuring a safe and promising environment for future generations.

Our Approach

SitePro was designed from its inception as an internet-based solution that incorporates the basic tenets of Industry 4.0 principles into its very foundation.

SitePro was designed from its inception as an internet-based solution that incorporates the basic tenets of Industry 4.0 principles into its very foundation. SitePro has a groundbreaking and re-imagined way of building data acquisition and supervisory control into a modern, incredibly fast, and publicly secure platform.

Our architecture is designed to handle complex site-based hierarchies from the device layer all the way to the cloud in a truly seamless fashion. Our Edge computing components enable the power of advanced logic and contextual computing closest to the action, they are much more than glorified local storage and hubs. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies like Redis,  for their inherent efficiency, scalability, and security.

Every piece of SitePro is specifically designed for Industry 4.0 where intelligence can be applied at the source, device data is easily transformed into useful information and instantly available on any platform, and the barriers between Operational Technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT) are broken. We set out to create software and solutions that let you manage your business…better.

Our Story


Picture it West Texas. 2012...

SitePro was hatched on the rugged South Plains in West Texas in early 2012, by founders David Bateman and Aaron Philips. They honed in on the underserved Salt Water Disposal market as a process-intensive business with limited viable software options outside of expensive traditional SCADA systems.

At a time when speed to market was absolutely critical to the SWD industry, there was a compelling need for a fresh take on control systems. 

Our humble origins as a software company started in the proverbial garage in the hub city of Lubbock Texas. To the outsider, this start may seem to be at odds with what is regarded as a normal software and technology company in the US today. But, SitePro is anything but a normal story.

Capitalizing on an abundant source of talented software and hardware engineers (thanks to David and Aaron’s alma mater – Texas Tech), SitePro assembled a small but brilliant team to set about reimagining industrial control systems.

Our Values


In order to maintain our focus, discipline, and unique vision for the future of device control, SitePro only employs the best and the brightest people and provides them the canvas to create great things.

We believe that open and honest conversation along with constantly confronting our gaps makes us much stronger than the average. Diversity of thinking drives better solutions, and can only happen when individuals are inspired and not shy about putting their ideas on the table. We are here to do great things and we are not satisfied with the status quo or the mediocre.

We are all here because we are passionate about our ability to deliver solutions that vastly improve the way the physical world works. As devices become ubiquitous and further embedded into everything we do, our work here becomes ever more valuable and exciting.

Glen Roy

Our team


David Bateman

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Cobb

Chief Financial Officer

Dustin Brown

VP of Technology

Paden Ferrero

VP of Sales, Business Development, & Sourcing

Ryan Garner

VP of Human Resources

Russell Bradstreet

Director of Operations

Keirstin Carson

Director of Product Management

Ryon Corley

Director of Sales

Greg Stout

Director of Engineering

Britt Wuensche

Director of Customer Support, QA/QC

Cameron Fishenich

Sales Application Engineer

Tobin Ellison

Sales Executive

Tyler Lowry

Sales Executive

Zac Martin

Sales Executive

Mitch McMahan

Sales Executive

Ryan Robertson

Sales Executive

Deagan White

Sales Executive

Kembra Howell

Marketing Manager

Sean Simmons

Product Manager