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We are proud to be accredited SOC I Type I.


SOC I Type I Certification 

SitePro adequately meets SOC I Type I standards based on AICPA Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE). The SOC I audit is an internal assessment of controls that affects SitePro clients’ internal control over their financial reporting. Through the audit it was determined SitePro's procedures support their clients' internal control. The SOC I Type I certification affirms that SitePro is appropriately protecting client data. 

At SitePro, we’re committed to:

  • Users having full and complete access to timely, accurate data as allowed by access permissions. Users may elect to deny field operations staff access to customer billing information.
  • Best practices that ensure no unauthorized access to monitoring data or equipment settings/actions. Additionally, eliminating shared accounts avoid the possibility of auditing sensitive actions performed in the system. Shared accounts/passwords are discouraged because they are a known failure point allowing former users to retain access even after they leave the company.
  • Industry leading infrastructure ensures high availability of the system to support customer operations and business continuity. If any or all SitePro offices experience a natural disaster or catastrophic event, customer operations will not be interrupted nor will any data be lost. SitePro handles 100% of the central infrastructure (servers, storage, databases, security appliances, etc.) and provides support for all field equipment.
  • Providing a failsafe for user administration and other key activities. If the customer system administrator is unavailable due to illness, injury or some other circumstance, SitePro can step in and perform critical functions for authorized approvers.
  • Reliable and secure remote management of on-site assets from desktop or mobile devices. In the event of unexpected operational conditions, valves can be opened/closed, pumps can be turned on/off, truck lanes can be opened/closed and most other operational functions can be performed by authorized users from a remote location with immediate results.

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