Our Story

At SitePro we discovered the missing link between facilities and human power is digital technology. Developed in 2012 by our team of experts in computer science, oilfield operations and engineering, our real-time cloud-based automation and IoT platform transformed fluid management in the industry. Our technology combines field operations with back-office responsibilities in one platform, allowing our customers to remotely control their sites, digitally manage their tickets and receive real-time data for reporting. To ensure the continued growth of our customers’ businesses we knew we had to provide more operational support, in the form of managed services. Today we offer around-the-clock facility management acting as our customer’s eyes, protecting their operations and enabling optimal production. The SitePro team continues to work towards our goal by developing solutions that help our customers operate efficiently and safely.

2020-01-29 SiteProOverviewVideo(RevisedVoiceOver) - color graded by Sklad