SitePro® is a digital oilfield fluid management company focused on delivering automation and electronic ticketing workflow solutions. Since launching as a service product in 2012, SitePro® has become one of the fastest-growing automation solutions in the nation. We are the forerunner in automation software for the upstream midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, offering a logistical advantage for energy’s modern age to meet the digital technology needs of the industry. SitePro® was built for the energy industry by a team who understands the oilfield and the need to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and production. The SitePro® staff consists of well-educated and highly knowledgeable industry professionals from engineering, computer science, field service, and business backgrounds.


The patented SitePro® system offers E & P Companies, Service Companies, and Water & Environmental Companies complete control over their assets and supply chain, placing real-time field services data at their fingertips. Companies have the ability to remotely control and monitor assets, and track work orders all in one auto-syncing electronic platform, which decreases time spent on field ticketing, eliminates paperwork errors and ultimately saves time and money. Additionally, SitePro® gives operators access to remotely control well sites and equipment, monitor tank levels and site conditions all from a computer or mobile device. By using SitePro, companies can integrate field services and supply chain from pick-up to delivery, as well as eliminate redundant data entry for all parties involved. The cloud based platform aims to increase efficiency, safety, and minimize the downtime associated upstream operations.






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